Who are you cheering for in this summer’s World Cup?

April 25, 2010

“World Cup.” These two words excite people. Many people around the world really like soccer. The people of each country become one. Everyone cheers for their country, wishing that their country would win the tournament. If their team doesn’t win, everyone becomes sad and some people cry. If they win, everyone becomes very happy. The World Cup world is one of the biggest events in the world, so I had short interviews with some IEC students who are looking forward to seeing The World Cup games.

Richard (Korea): I will cheer for Korea because I’m Korean, although I’m not interested in soccer.

Klimof (Angola): I’ll cheer for Angola because I’m from Angola and I hope Angola’s team plays with other national soccer teams.

Isabela (Brazil): I will root for Brazil. The World Cup is fun and Brazil is a good team.

Jack (Taiwan): I will cheer for Brazil. Brazil is famous. If they lose a game in the World Cup I will feel strange because they usually win the World Cup.

Tommy (China): I will root for China because I’m Chinese and the Word Cup is wonderful to enjoy.

Jairo (Bolivia): I’ll cheer for Bolivia because I’m from Bolivia. Also, I like how they play.

Mori (Japan): I will cheer for Japan because I’m Japanese. I’m a nationalist. I like sports competition between country and country.

By Jang Won Suh

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