What’s the IPad?

March 3, 2010

Many people want to have Apple’s products. If you do, too, there’s a product you have to know about – it’s Ipad, which is made by Apple. Do you know IPad? This is a really interesting and creative product. It’s totally different from previous lap-tops. It has a variety of functions. Josh is one of IEC’s teachers. He loves Apple, so he’s interested in and knows about IPad. I interviewed Josh to know more details.

1.Why do you want to buy IPad?

It’s look is really cool and interesting. Apple is trying to make a new market, although there can be some risks.

2.Do you think what are the advantages of IPad and its functions?

You can read books, watch movies and use the internet anywhere. And it’s also portable.

3.Then, what is the disadvantage of IPad?

IPad doesn’t have a camera, so video chat is impossible.

4.Do you have plans to buy an IPad?

I’m going to wait until Christmas to buy one because there will be a big sale.

Apple -IPad-

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