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The Pool Club

February 23, 2010

The IEC pool club meets every Thursday after school. We go to a place called Masse’s Billiards which is in four miles from IEC. It is in Walnut Creek on Main Street and is near the BART station. Usually some people drive so you can sometimes get a ride. A few strong people like JS, Gavin, and Tony have ridden their bikes there! When you get there you pay the leader (usually Mark) $5 and you can play until 8 p.m.! If you play pool, be careful of Leslie. She graduated from IEC last year and is a very good player. She won the last tournament. She has been teaching Judy and Pavida, so they are getting pretty good, too. At the pool tables, you might also see Amin, Wen, and Stephan. If you get lucky, you might see Stephan punching the boxing game in the corner.

Masse’s also has table tennis. Two players that you need to watch out for are Nicolas and Gavin.

Masse’s also has good food and drinks, but remember to leave a tip for the waitresses!

If you want to know more about the pool club ask Josh or one of the other students. Better yet, just come next Thursday!

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