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The 5 Funnest Restaurants in SF

August 23, 2018

What’s better than a delicious dinner? A delicious and fun dinner! San Francisco has plenty of fun restaurants that ensure you will be entertained while you are also enjoying tasty food. Which of these restaurants will you try?

The 5 Funnest Restaurants in SF


At Benihana, dinner is a show. Diners sit around a grill and watch as the chefs prepare their food: it’s a performance! (It’s also a great chance to speak English with the chefs.) Benihana is fun, intimate, and unique experience. And the onion rings and shrimp are delicious: try both!

El Mansour

Eating on the floor without utensils? Why not?? At El Mansour, guests are entertained with a two-foot tea pour, belly dancing, and large plates of delicious Moroccan food. It’s an evening and a meal you won’t forget.


MerSea offers delicious food AND beautiful views of San Francisco. In addition, it offers a fun time: guests can play bocce and miniature golf at MerSea! Try the crispy tacos (or the fish and chips) and enjoy the company, the games, and the view.

Mr. Pollo

Mr. Pollo is so secretive that we don’t have a photo to share! This is the only photo on the Mr. Pollo Facebook page. 

Would you like to eat at Mr. Pollo? You will need a reservation. To get a reservation, you have to text a person named Will. (You can’t call him: he won’t answer. You must text.) Will then texts you back and confirms your reservation.

This is the first of many weird and funny things about Mr. Pollo. The next is the location. On the outside, Mr. Pollo looks like an old and traditional taco shop. But when you enter, you are amazed by the restaurant and its decor.

You are also amazed by the food, which is a delicious mixture of Venezuelan street food and California cuisine.

Tonga Room

There’s a pool. There is fake rain. There are tikis everywhere. What is not to love about the Tonga Room? However, this place is so popular that it can be difficult to get a reservation . . . and even when you get a reservation, you have to pay $10 per person ($15 on weekends) to enter. Is it worth it? We think so, just for the experience! The pupu platters (traditional appetizers) are delicious and the experience is memorable.

All photos are from the Facebook pages of each restaurant. 

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