Surprising Things About Living in California

May 3, 2019

We love California! But why? Sure, there are beaches . . . and there are friendly people . . . and there is great food, and great weather . . . but there is also a lot more to love! And, like any place, there are some things that make living here very unique. Find out what we think are the most surprising things about living in California.

Surprising Things About Living in California

Surprising Things About Living in California

Traffic is a part of life

For many of us, this is the sad reality. Places like the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego are densely populated, and public transportation isn’t always the most efficient option. Commuting long hours and sitting in traffic are a way of life for some. That’s why we love podcasts!

We love the outdoors

Californians love nature and being outside. Most people you meet will have a hobby that involves nature, such as biking, camping, or hiking. Many enjoy water sports in the summer and skiing or snowboarding in the winter. And, of course, we all love the beach!

We have great coffee shops

California is home to many trendy, fun coffee shops. The quality of coffee is also surprisingly good: many coffee shops roast their own beans and purchase their beans directly from the farmer.

Winter is amazing

Winter can be cold is some parts of California . . . but it can also be beautiful! The mountains are snow-covered throughout the winter and are the perfect place to spend a weekend in a cabin or skiing. In the winter, the beaches are less populated and still beautiful to walk on during the day or at sunset.

Our food scene is unique and delicious

Thanks to the large agriculture industry in the state, Californian cuisine is light, fresh, and delicious. There is also an influence from many other cultures, so the food is often a unique mix, such as Californian/Mexican or Californian/Japanese.

We are incredibly diverse

California’s food isn’t the only thing that is diverse: our population is, too! We have an incredible mix of ethnicities, languages, cultures, and religions. This is why California is known as being a state with open-minded, accepting people. (It’s also why we have such great food and so many fun festivals!)

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