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Social Media Acronyms in English + 5 SF Instagram Accounts to Follow

March 13, 2018

Social Media Acronyms in English

Social media is a great way to make friends, keep in touch with friends, and learn about new trends, new places to see, and more. Have you used social media to get some tips for living in the San Francisco Bay Area? Learn these social media acronyms in English and then check out these 5 SF Instagram accounts to follow.

Social Media Acronyms in English


Meaning of acronym: “Ask Me Anything.”

Definition: This is often used on Reddit or other forums where people talk about their experiences.

Example: I lived in the U.S. and studied English. AMA.


Meaning of acronym: “Direct Message.”

Definition: A verb meaning “to send someone a direct message” (instead of posting a comment that friends/followers can see). This is also used as a noun.

Example: DM me your number and I’ll send you information.


Meaning of acronym: “How I Feel When.”

Definition: This acronym is usually with memes to explain how a person looks/feels when in a certain situation.

Example: The meme say “HIFW it’s Sunday night and I haven’t started my homework” and it shows a kid with a sad expression.


Meaning of acronym: “In Case You Missed It”

Definition: A way of introducing older content (photos, articles, or information) to a new post.

Example: ICYMI, there is going to be a sequel to Jennifer Lawrence’s new film. Here is the trailer.


Meaning of acronym: “In My Humble Opinion” or “In My Honest Opinion”

Definition: A way of providing one’s opinion without insulting another person.

Example: IMHO, we should be careful what we post to social media.  


Meaning of acronym: “In Real Life”

Definition: An expression used when talking about the reality of something vs. how it is shown on social media.

Example: Look at these photos: one is “Me on Social Media” and I look like a model; the other is “Me IRL” and it’s me in my pajamas.


Meaning of acronym: “Not Safe For Work”

Definition: An expression to warn people not to click on links or photos that are not appropriate for public spaces, such as the office.

Example: I like this song, but its lyrics and video are NSFW.


Meaning of acronym: “Shaking My Head”

Definition: An expression used to react to something that is disappointing.

Example: Why did he say that to you? SMH.

San Francisco Bay Area Slang

5 SF Instagram Accounts to Follow

Check out these accounts for an insider’s look into the City By the Bay! With these accounts, you will find the most photographable places in SF, get some ideas for restaurants to try, and feel inspired to explore the beautiful and exciting city of San Francisco. 

#1: San Francisco

#2: Best of San Francisco

#3: We LOVE San Fran

#4: SF Bucket List

#5: SF Eats

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We hope you enjoyed these social media acronyms in English! If you still can’t get enough of Instagram, follow IEC@DVC on IG and check out our article, 5 Most Instagrammed Places in SF.


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