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Sleep Tight! IEC@DVC Teachers Host Sleep Awareness Workshop for Students

April 11, 2019
Sleep Awareness Workshop Students

There is always something interesting happening at IEC for our students! In March, Jennifer Ross and Ali Tubio organized the “Wake Up”  (Healthy Sleep Habits) workshop on March 7.

Jennifer and Ali decided to collaborate on the workshop because they had been hearing about many sleepy (or sleeping) students in class, as well as some issues with students arriving to class on time. To help the students sleep better (and in turn, be more awake in class), they organized this workshop.

In the workshop, students:

  • learned vocabulary related to sleep
  • shared their sleep habits
  • guessed how much sleep is enough by age.
  • played a game to learn about sleep knowledge
  • discussed problems resulting from lack of sleep
  • learned strategies to go to bed earlier and wake up easier/ sleep hygiene
  • made a plan to improve and track sleep habits

What did they learn? According to Ali, “One of the biggest challenges that I see not only students but all of us face is limiting our screen time* before bedtime.  Our phones can be so addictive because that blue light from our screens actually wakes us up more since it reduces our melatonin, which is the natural chemical that makes us sleepy!”  

Upon learning this, the students made action plans to adjust their sleep habits, including trying to stop screen use one hour before bed and keeping phones/tablets away from their bed. They also helped create two sleep posters, which they placed in the IEC@DVC Lobby. These posters help engage all IEC students and staff with the topic; the posters also encourage everyone to share ideas related to getting to bed and waking up.

Thanks to Jennifer and Ali for putting on this event, and thanks to the students who attended! We hope this workshop helped you to create better sleep habits so that you arrive to school fresh and ready to learn.

*screen time= looking at your phone, tablet, computer, TV or other electronic screen

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