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SF’s Painted Ladies + Expressions with “Paint”

April 19, 2017
SF’s Painted Ladies + Expressions with “Paint”

Do you know which famous American TV series used these houses? (Click here for the answer!)

For IEC@DVC students, San Francisco is just a short trip away! Have you explored one of the city’s most famous sites, the Painted Ladies? “Painted Ladies” are houses built in British styles. San Francisco’s Painted Ladies were built from 1849 to 1915.

SF’s Painted Ladies + Expressions with “Paint”

There are Painted Ladies in many places in San Francisco. The most famous Painted Ladies are on Steiner Street (across from Alamo Square Park). This street is also called “Postcard Row” because these houses are often in photos of San Francisco.

Have you seen the Painted Ladies? Visit them the next time you’re in SF, and also visit beautiful Alamo Square Park!

Expressions with “Paint”

To celebrate the Painted Ladies of San Francisco, we are looking at common expressions and phrasal verbs with the word “paint.” How many of these expressions do you know?

SF’s Painted Ladies + Expressions with “Paint”

A picture paints a thousand words
(Also, “a picture is worth a thousands words.”)

Definition:  An image describes better than words.

Example: Look at how happy we are! This picture paints a thousand words about that day in San Francisco.

As exciting as watching paint dry

Definition: very boring.

Example: That presentation was as exciting as watching paint dry.

Paint a picture (of something/for someone)

Definition: to describe a situation: usually we use this idiom with an adjective: to paint a/n (adjective) picture.

Example: He painted a sad picture of what life is like in his poor village.

Also used as a question: “Do I have to paint you a picture?”

Paint in

Definition: to paint something extra onto a painted area.

Example: I thought he was finished with the painting, but then he painted in some trees.

Paint oneself into a corner

Definition: to put yourself in a difficult situation.

Example: The politician painted himself into a corner in his interview.

Paint over something

Definition: a phrasal verb meaning “to cover something with a layer of paint.”

Example: They painted over the graffiti one day after it appeared.

Paint the town red

Definition: to party, have fun during a long night.

Example: We are going to paint the town red for your birthday!

Paint with the same brush

Definition: to show similar bad qualities in two people or things.  

Example: You can’t paint all people with the same brush. Some are kind, some are not.

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