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SF’s MOMA + 20 Useful English Acronyms and Abbreviations

August 7, 2017

Visiting SF’s MOMA

Have you been to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art? The museum, often called the MOMA, is one of the largest museums in the U.S. and has more than 33,000 pieces of art! Sculptures, paintings, photographs, media arts, and architectural and design pieces all have a home in this beautiful museum.

The MOMA’s permanent collection includes famous pieces by Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, Ansel Adams, Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, and many more artists. The museum also has more than 20 exhibitions that constantly change: check out the MOMA website for its latest exhibition news and to see its permanent collection online.

Pablo Picasso’s 1955 painting Les Femmes d’Alger (“The Women of Algiers) has a home at the SF MOMA.

Visiting the MOMA costs $25, but did you know that you can see many MOMA exhibits for free? The museum offers the public 45,000 square feet of free, art-filled public spaces. Guests can see exhibits such as Richard Serra’s Sequence (pictured below). The MOMA also has a rooftop garden and an award-winning restaurant called In Situ.

IEC@DVC often organizes trips to the SF MOMA. Ask the Front Desk or Activities Coordinator about the next museum trip! Before you go, make sure to learn some museum-related vocabulary in our post about Must-See SF Museums + Museum Vocabulary.

20 Useful English Acronyms and Abbreviations

The SF MOMA is one of the city’s most famous acronyms. An acronym is a word that is made from the letters of a name or word. For example, “US” is an acronym for the United States, and “SF” is an acronyms for San Francisco.

Acronyms are not just for places such as cities and countries: there are many acronyms we commonly use in speech and writing. Below are 20 popular English acronyms.


Stands for: Also Known As

Meaning: Another name for something.

Example: San Francisco, AKA “The City by the Bay,” has many beautiful parks to explore.


Stands for: Automated Teller Machine

Meaning: The machine used to withdraw money using a card.

Example: This ATM accepts all credit cards, including American Express, Visa, and Mastercard.


Stands for: As Soon As Possible

Meaning: Quickly.

Example: I’ll be there ASAP.


Stands for: By The Way

Meaning: An expression used to introduce a new subject.

Example: BTW, I bought Sarah a birthday gift. Do you want me to put your name on the card?


Stands for: Do It Yourself

Meaning: A professional-looking project that you can do at home.

Example: Look at this DIY closet organizer I made!


Stands for: Date Of Birth

Meaning: Birthday.

Example: Please list your DOB here.


Stands for: Estimated Time of Arrival

Meaning: Approximate time someone or something will arrive at a destination.

Example: What’s your ETA?


Stands for: Frequently Asked Questions

Meaning: A list of information about a product, company, or service.

Example: Maybe the information I need is in the FAQs section of the website.


Stands for: Fear Of Missing Out

Meaning: The feeling when you miss a fun activity that your friends attend.

Example: Your Instagram pictures from last night gave me serious FOMO.


Stands for: For Your Information

Meaning: An expression used to introduce new information.

Example: FYI, you need an ID to get your California driver’s license.


Stands for: Identification

Meaning: A term for identification cards such as driver’s licenses, passports, and other cards with photos.

Example: May I see some ID?


Stands for: In My Humble Opinion

Meaning: An expression used to state one’s opinion (usually when this opinion is unpopular).

Example: IMHO, you should try to learn the basics of a country’s language when you visit.


Stands for: In Real Life

Meaning: How something really is when you experience it in person (in comparison to how it seems in photos, on television, or on social media).

Example: The beach looks beautiful in photos, but IRL the water was SO cold!


Stands for: Laugh Out Loud

Meaning: A common text message used to say that you are laughing at another person’s text.

Example: LOL I can’t believe you took the wrong bus!


Stands for: Missing In Action

Meaning: Originally a term from the military, this is now a term for when you don’t know where a person is.

Example: My roommate is MIA during finals week.


Stands for: Politically Correct

Meaning: The way of saying something without offending a person or group of people.

Example: It’s not PC to use the word “mailman.” Many people who deliver your mail are female, so it’s better to use the term “letter carrier.”


Stands for: Répondez s’il vous plaît

Meaning: The French term for “reply please.”

Example: Did you RSVP to the wedding?


Stands for: To Be Announced

Meaning: More information will come soon.

Example: The exact time of the graduation ceremony is TBA.


Stands for: To Be Determined

Meaning: A decision will be made soon.

Example: The location of the party is TBD.


Stands for: You Only Live Once

Meaning: Enjoy life!

Example: I suppose it’s a little dangerous to go skydiving . . . but YOLO, right?

*These acronyms are more commonly used in texting or writing and less in speech.

All images from the SF MOMA Facebook page.

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