IEC Activities

Santa Barbara

April 1, 2010

On March 12th~14th, 10 IEC students went to Santa Barbara on an activity. I interviewed a student named StarFace from Korea. He and his friends rented van. There were 10 students – six males and four females – which mainly consisted of French people and Spanish people. They went to a beach, Six Flag of Magic Mountain and UCSB.

StarFace had been interested in Santa Barbara, especially in 6 Flags. He tried Sky dive, which he had wanted to try. “ It was scary but exciting,” he said. The fee of Sky dive has 3 options. For one person it is $25, for two people it is $20 per each and for three people it is $15 each. Also, there were many beautiful girls outside of the UCSB campus. “I saw many beautiful girls in front of UCSB, so I was so happy,” said StarFace. In addition, they played volleyball and soccer. Starface said, “ I want to go again.”

by Jang Won Suh

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