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San Francisco Bay Area Slang

January 18, 2018

San Francisco Bay Area Slang


Every part of the world has its own slang, but because the San Francisco Bay Area has such a mix of cultures (and a mix of country and city life), its slang is exceptionally interesting. How many of these words do you know?

San Francisco Bay Area Slang


Definition: San Francisco. 415 is the original area code for San Francisco, and no new 415 numbers will be issued. If you have a 415 number, then you establish yourself as a real local.

Example: This is a real 415 party. I think everyone here is originally from the Bay.


Definition: Bad, gross.

Example: What a bootsy restaurant. I will never eat here again.


Definition: A response meaning “yes” or “okay.”

Example: “I’ll pick you up at 7.” “Fasho.”

Example: “Can I have some of your burrito?” “Fasho.”

San Francisco Bay Area Slang


Definition: “Really.”

Example: Your shirt is hella cool.


Definition: Short for “hyperactive.” This word was made popular by an Oakland rapper; today, it is used to describe things that are high energy.

Example: The kids got really hyphy after they ate candy.

The City

Definition: San Francisco.

Example: We are spending the weekend in The City.

San Francisco Bay Area Slang

The Cuts

Definition: An area far away, usually in the suburbs.

Example: They got married and moved to the cuts.

The Town

Definition: Oakland.

Example: My roommate is from The Town but now we live together in The City.

Stunners/Stunnas/Stunna shades

Definition: Sunglasses.

Example: Nice stunners. Where did you get them?


Definition: To pick someone up.

Example: I’ll swoop you at 7, OK?

San Francisco Bay Area Slang

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