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Rock Climbing with IEC@DVC + English Expressions with “Rock”

December 29, 2017

English Expressions with “Rock”

IEC@DVC organizes many activities for students. On occasion, we organize rock climbing adventures! Have you been rock climbing before? Join us for our next trip: check the Activities Calendar at the Front Desk for the schedule and sign up!

Before you go rock climbing, learn these expressions with the word “rock.” These idioms are used in everyday speech. See if you can use them when speaking English!

Expressions with “Rock”

Rock bottom

Definition: The absolute lowest level or worst situation.

Example: Prices for gas are at rock bottom. I think they will increase this year.

We also say “to hit rock bottom.”

Example: My boyfriend and I broke up and I lost my job in the same month. I felt like I hit rock bottom.

English Expressions with “Rock”

On the rocks

Definition 1: A drink ordered with ice cubes.

Example: Could I have a martini on the rocks?

Definition 2: To experience difficult times, often in regard to money or relationships.

Example: I think Tim and Sarah are on the rocks. They have been fighting a lot lately.



Definition: Not stable.

Example: We had a rocky year at our company. Sales were down for the first six months. But we are OK!

English Expressions with “Rock”

Solid as a rock

Definition: Very dependable, solid and strong.

Example: After you exercise, you will feel solid as a rock!


Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Definition: In between two decisions or possibilities when both possibilities are not good.

Example: I have a huge presentation scheduled for the 15th, but it’s also my nephew’s graduation. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.


“You rock!”

Definition: An expression meaning “You are awesome!”

Example: You got 100% on your test? You rock!

English Expressions with “Rock”

Rock Climbing with IEC@DVC

Are you interested in going rock climbing with IEC@DVC? Ask the Front Desk or our Activities Coordinator for this month’s activities calendar and see if we have an excursion planned soon!


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