Quizlet Visits IEC@DVC

September 27, 2018

On Sept 18th, a team of 5 employees from Quizlet came to observe our teacher, Josh Kurzweil, teach his Intermediate C Listening/Speaking class. Quizlet is an online flashcard system that students can use to study vocabulary and grammar. It has both a website and an app, and IEC has developed a huge library of sets for many different topics in English. As students move through the levels at IEC, they learn vocabulary and grammar that helps them be able to talk about many different topics.

The Quizlet company is based in San Francisco and was started by Andrew Sutherland while he was a student at nearby Albany High School. Andrew developed the program to help him learn French. He started Quizlet while he was still in high school, and now it is the largest online flashcard system in the world and is used by millions of learners. 

IEC has been working with Quizlet for many years now and has been involved in the development of some of their games and activities. Josh helped in the development of both Quizlet Live, a classroom game, and the Quizlet ‘Learn’ feature which helps students review and study more effectively. Josh has also delivered a webinar presentation for one of their online conferences and has written numerous blog posts for them.

Today, the team from Quizlet wanted to watch Josh use some of the techniques and activities he has created using Quizlet. They love to observe how teachers actually use Quizlet in their classrooms and get ideas for how to make the website and app even better. IEC also works hard to constantly improve its program and provide students with the most cutting-edge teaching and learning techniques. 

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