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Paintball Vocabulary for English Learners  

August 14, 2017

Have you ever played paintball? This fascinating sport is a fun way to exercise (and a great way to practice your English: you will need to communicate with your teammates to win the game)! Before playing paintball, learn this paintball vocabulary for English learners. Then grab your gear and have some fun!

Paintball Vocabulary for English Learners


Definition: A player on the other team.


Definition: Another name for the paintball gun. The gun is called a “marker” because the paint “marks” the opponent (and because the word “gun” is quite a serious word)!


Definition: A plastic container that holds all of the player’s paintballs.


Definition: The employee who judges the game and who stops players from breaking paintball rules.

Battle pack

Definition: A small pack that a player wears around his or her waist. The pack holds more paintballs.

Combat suit

Definition: A suit a player wears to protect the body (and clothes!) from the paintballs.


Definition: The protective eye glasses a player wears.


Definition: The protective headgear a player wears.


Definition: A small place where a player hides.

Game zone

Definition: The place where the game happens.

To learn more paintball vocabulary, visit Paintball Games.

Paintball Locations in the Bay Area

IEC@DVC organizes many paintball events for students. Ask the Activities Coordinator about the next scheduled trip! Students typically play at one of two paintball locations listed below. Both are family-owned businesses and have excellent customer service. Players receive instruction before the game and lots of help with any questions they have. It’s always an exciting and fun experience!

Fairfield Extreme Sports

Fairfield Extreme Sports is an excellent place to try paintball for the first time: the outside paintball area has many different fields with bunkers for players to hide in, and the referees are known for being fair and helpful.

Midway Paintball Facility

Vacaville’s Midway Paintball Facility has six fields for players to play on! The area also has covered picnic tables where players eat before or after the game: bring your own food, order pizza for delivery, or bring a BBQ and grill something delicious.


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