Pablo Brito (Venezuela) – 2014

June 29, 2016


Pablo Brito, 20 years old, was born and raised in Japan but is a Venezuelan citizen. His first language is Japanese and came to California in 2014 to study English at IEC. After spending one session at IEC, Pablo passed the TOEFL and transferred to the Summer Bridge program at DVC. He then spent 2 years working on general education courses required for transfer and Biology courses for his major. He earned an Associate’s of Science degree in Biology in 2016 and he also received an Associate’s of Art in Spanish – two degrees in two years! Pablo graduated with a 3.8 GPA from DVC.

During his final year at DVC, Pablo applied to UC Davis, UC Riverside, UC San Diego and UC Santa Cruz. He was accepted at all four schools! While he was intending to go to UC Davis, Pablo was contacted by UC Santa Cruz and offered a scholarship to study Marine Biology. So, as of September 2016, Pablo will be a proud “slug” at UC Santa Cruz! He hopes to spend two years at UC Santa Cruz and then move onto a career working with animals and eventually earn a Master’s degree and a Doctorate. For Pablo, the sky is the limit!

Pablo has been working at IEC for the last year and 3 months. He helps out with all sorts of duties including leading activities, picking up students from the airport and processing applications. We will miss Pablo greatly but wish him the very best on his new adventures. Congratulations to Pablo!

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