Olympics Vocabulary for English Learners

February 6, 2018

Olympics Vocabulary for English Learners ESL

Are you ready to watch the 2018 Olympics? Watching the games is a great way to get inspired by incredible athletes. It’s also a great way to learn some new vocabulary words in English!

Olympics Vocabulary for English Learners


Definition: A song that has importance to a group of people (usually, the national anthem of a country, which is the country’s official song).

Example: The winning athlete cried when they played her country’s anthem.


Definition: To forbid something, usually officially.

Example: Did you hear about the athletes who were banned from the Olympics because of some pictures they posted on social media?


Definition: To be a part of a race or competition.

Example: I know someone who is competing in Figure Skating.

Olympics Vocabulary for English Learners ESL


Definition: Taking illegal drugs (called “dope”) that will allow an athlete to perform better. (“Dope” is a verb meaning “to take drugs.”)

Example: The team was banned because of doping.


Definition: A circle-shaped award (usually made of gold, silver, or bronze) attached to a ribbon that goes around the winner’s neck.

Example: She won the gold medal in Downhill Skiing.

Olympics Vocabulary for English Learners


Definition: To successfully get into a competition.

Example: I was so upset that the crowd favorite did not qualify for the Olympic team.


Definition: A person watching a sport or event.

Example: The spectators cheered when they announced the figure skater’s score.

Olympics Vocabulary for English Learners ESL


Definition: The ranking from best to worst performance after a round of competition.

Example: What are the standings after Round 2 of competition?


Definition: Another word for “drugs.”

Example: They think the team is using illegal substances to improve their performance.

Olympics Vocabulary for English Learners ESL


Definition: A stick that has a flame at the end.

Example: My neighbor carried the Olympic torch for the 1996 games in Atlanta.


Definition: The place where an event happens.

Example: What is the venue for the Opening Ceremonies?


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