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New Year’s Resolutions for Learning English

January 1, 2019

January is the month that many people choose to make New Year’s Resolutions. Many resolutions often involve language learning, which is a goal for many people! If you want to improve your English skills, considering some of these New Year’s resolution ideas for people who are learning English.

New Year’s Resolutions for Learning English

Resolution idea #1: Learn a new phrasal verb, word, or expression per day

If you learned just one phrasal verb, vocabulary word, slang word, or expression each day, you would know more than 300 new words by the end of the year! Try buying a vocabulary book that can help you with these words. Some good ideas are idioms and phrasal verb dictionaries. There are many on the market: check out your local bookstore or search on Amazon.

New Year’s Resolutions for Learning English

Resolution idea #2: Keep a vocabulary notebook

While you are living and studying in the USA, you will learn new vocabulary words or expressions every day. Buy a small notebook and use this to write down the new vocabulary words or phrases that you hear or read. Looking up the definitions and then writing the words in your notebook are important parts of the process of studying. Chances are you will remember these words better than if you just read them in a book or heard them in conversation.

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Resolution idea #3: Keep a daily journal

Every day, write in English for 15 minutes. Write about what you did today or whatever else is on your mind. You could even write creatively if you wanted. This will help you improve your writing skills, and you will also improve your vocabulary as you search for words that you need.

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Resolution idea #5: Listen to a new song each day

Each day, choose a different song that you like and listen to this song while also reading the lyrics. You will be surprised at how quickly you learn and remember the vocabulary in the song.

New Year’s Resolutions for Learning English

Resolution idea #6: Read for 15 minutes each day

Have you ever tried to read a book in English? Make this a goal for you this year. Choose a book and then commit yourself to reading for 15 minutes every day. If you want, you can also keep a journal and summarize what you learned each day.

New Year’s Resolutions for Learning English

Happy New Year to you!

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