Moving On

July 9, 2013

One of the greatest elements of IEC is our relationship with Diablo Valley College. Our agreement with DVC enables our graduates to attend DVC without having to take the TOEFL or IELTS tests for admission. This advantage helps make the process of applying and attending DVC even easier for IEC students.

But what else must an IEC graduate do before moving on to DVC? Unfortunately, the answer is, “quite a bit.” Thankfully, IEC is prepared to help make this process as easy as possible for you.

At IEC, students are able to find all the required documents for applying and transferring to DVC. For students who have yet to apply, DVC applications are available at the front desk. Be sure to stop and speak with Maria, Roberta, Brianna or Sally for any application questions you may have. Many of our students choose to apply for conditional acceptance to DVC when first applying with IEC. Either way, all transferring students must pick up and complete a DVC transfer sheet. This form is also available at the front desk.

If you applied to either IEC or DVC more than 6 months ago, it will also be necessary to provide DVC with a recent bank statement showing a minimum amount of $22,100 USD.

It is the students responsibility to turn in all necessary documents to the International Student Admissions and Services office at DVC. Once you receive your Advanced B graduation certificate, IEC will notify ISAS of your status and your I-20 will be transferred to DVC.

So, is that it?

Not really … just because you have transferred over to DVC, does not mean you are prepared to begin classes. DVC students are responsible for enrolling themselves in their desired classes. This process can be stressful for many students since class space is limited. Often times, you will not get your first class choices when you are first starting at DVC. Students are also often confused as to which classes are necessary in order for them to transfer. These questions can be solved by meeting with an Academic Advisor/Counselor.

IEC hosts an informational session for transferring students to meet with DVC Academic Counselor, Mark Isham, several times throughout the year. Mark is a great contact to have before and during your time at DVC. The most successful, international DVC students meet with Mark often to discuss their progress and their future transfer plans. IEC will be hosting an informational session with Mark Isham on July 11th at 2:30pm in IEC Annex 4.

One of the most recommended options for graduating IEC students, is to attend our Bridge course. IEC Bridge courses are specialized DVC courses held just for international students. Each Bridge session consists of 2 DVC courses, taught by DVC professors. They are very focused, very specialized courses that are designed to help international students transition into American college with the assistance of classroom aides and dedicated study sessions. To learn more about our bridge programs, please visit our website or stop by Brianna’s office.

Moving on is a wonderful thing. We are proud to watch our students grow and succeed and we want to be sure they are fully prepared for their next academic steps. Please feel free to talk to any of our staff if you have questions regarding transferring to DVC. We are happy to help!

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