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Movies Filmed in San Francisco

May 13, 2018

Movies Filmed in San Francisco

San Francisco is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and diverse population. But SF is also famous in Hollywood: it’s been in many famous movies and TV shows! How many of these have you seen? Watch these movies or TV shows and try to spot your favorite SF neighborhoods and buildings. Many of these films or shows were originally books: check them out!

  • 13 Reasons Why (2017)
  • Blue Jasmine (2013)
  • Milk (2008)
  • Moneyball (2011)
  • The Princess Diaries (2001)
  • Steve Jobs (2015)


Movies Filmed in San Francisco

13 Reasons Why (2017)

13 Reasons Why is based on the books written by Jay Asher. In the Netflix series, character Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) comes home from school and finds a box with his name on it. Inside are tapes recorded by his friend, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide a few weeks before. On the tapes, Hannah tells why she decided to end her life—and names every person who caused her to commit suicide. Clay listens to each tape, learning more about the tragic events that happened to Hannah and other people in his high school. While listening, Clay becomes more and more nervous that he is one of the people who caused Hannah pain, but he has to continue listening to the tapes to find out.

Blue Jasmine (2013)

When a woman named Jasmine loses everything because of her criminal husband, she moves from New York to San Francisco to live with her sister. Jasmine has a difficult time leaving her socialite, upper-class life to move in with her middle-class sister. This dark comedy stars Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett.

The Princess Diaries (2001)

The Princess Diaries is a comedy starring Anne Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis. Mia is an awkward teenager living in San Francisco when she learns that she is actually a princess of a country called Genovia. Her grandmother teaches her to become the polished royal she is expected to be.

Milk (2008)

Milk is about the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in San Francisco. The majority of the movie is filmed in San Francisco, particularly in SF’s Castro District. Learn about San Francisco in the 70s and learn SF history in this excellent film.

Moneyball (2011)

Moneyball is a sports drama starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Pitt plays Billy Beane, a former baseball player and the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. Beane reads a 2003 book written by Michael Lewis, Moneyball, about a new approach to building a winning baseball team.

Steve Jobs (2015)

Steve Jobs is known for creating Apple, but do you know much about his life and how he built the company? In this movie, see how Silicon Valley got its start with this now-giant tech company.

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