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Meet Ara from Armenia!

October 26, 2018

By Jennifer Ross, 
Academic Coordinator and teacher, IEC@DVC

Ara Mkhoyan participated in the Education USA 2017 Summer Academy at IEC. He excelled in all of his English classes and made the most of every moment of the four-week program. Ara brought enthusiasm to each activity and even co-emceed the end-of-program Talent Show and party! He also forged a strong friendship with his host mother, Theresa, who he still exchanges messages with every week.

Ara enjoyed his Summer Academy experience in the Bay Area so much that he decided to come back to California to study at college. This year Ara was accepted into the undergraduate program at the highly selective Minerva School, where he will spend his first year in San Francisco before taking classes all over the world! Taking part in the Education USA Academy helped immensely with Ara’s college applications, either by listing his fulfilling experience as one of his many accomplishments, or some schools accepted his straight-A Academy grades as good evidence of English proficiency. 

As Ara’s teachers from the 2017 Summer Academy, Anrisa and I were delighted to see him again a year later. He came to visit IEC in October, bringing with him Armenian chocolates and telling us all about his new life as a US college student. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Ara and we know it will be a very bright one indeed!

Anrisa Fannin, Ara Mkhoyan, Jennifer Ross

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