Mai Hatta (Japan) – Summer 2004

September 28, 2015


After 11 years away, Mai came back to visit us at IEC! She was kind enough to sit down and give us her thoughts on IEC, DVC and how she came to be living and working in India for the last 4 years.

“I was a student at NIC in Japan in 2004. I wanted to attend college at DVC because DVC is famous for their high transfer rates to the best universities in the world. In order to attend DVC, I needed to improve my English so I studied at IEC for one session (2 months).

I loved IEC and DVC for many reasons. It was very easy to make friends from all over the world. To this day, my very best friends are the ones I met at IEC. Starting at IEC was a great choice because I learned about different cultures and was able to make friends before transferring to DVC which is a bigger school with thousands of students. Also, most of the students at IEC have the same goal which is to transfer to DVC. From DVC, it is the same situation where everyone is also focused on a similar goal – transferring to a 4 year college.

IEC and DVC definitely helped me reach my goals. My first goal was to enroll at SF State. I accomplished this goal and graduated from SF State in 2008 with a BA in International Relations. I absolutely loved attending college in San Francisco. San Francisco is a great city with a good mix of people from all over the world. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I found a job in India!

I’ve been working in India for the last four years. I started with a non-profit organization focused on fair trade, helping women who weave carpets in small villages create their own businesses. I then started working with a travel company. Right now, I am hoping to start my own business in India, helping to create employment in villages as well as bringing more healthy Japanese food into Delhi. There are over 4000 Japanese people living in Delhi!

I highly recommend IEC and DVC to everyone looking for a school that will help them achieve their dreams. I made friends that have lasted for over 10 years and am now a graduate from SF State living abroad. I am very happy with my life!”

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