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IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA Opens a New Winter English Study Program for Teens in the SF Bay Area!

September 28, 2017

Winter English Study Program for Teens in the SF Bay Area

Spend a month in the San Francisco Bay Area, improve your English skills, make friends with students from around the world, and prepare yourself for college education in the U.S. with IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA program! This 4-week intensive English language program (for students ages 15-17) in the San Francisco Bay Area is now offering two sessions per year–winter and summer–for international students.

Highlights and Details of IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA Teen Program

Program Overview

The EducationUSA Academy is a part of EducationUSA, which is a U.S. government-funded program that promotes international student study in the United States. There are 15 different academies throughout the US; IEC@DVC is the only EducationUSA academy in California. It is also the only program to offer a homestay experience for students!

Unlike the recreational-style English programs for teens or other summer/short-term programs, the IEC@DVC EducationUSA program focuses on students’ academic English skills: the main goal is to prepare students for the U.S. college education system. Students learn the steps needed to prepare for university in the United States, attend college preparatory workshops, and take tours of university campuses in order to have a good sense of what an academic program in the U.S. is like. Thanks to its extensive activities calendar, the program is also a great way to explore California!

Winter English Study Program for Teens in the SF Bay Area

The IEC@DVC EducationUSA program has two 4-week sessions: one in late January-February and one in mid-July to mid-August. The Winter Program will be offered for the first time in 2018. 

IEC@DVC EducationUSA Program Highlights

What are some of the things that make IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA program so special?

    • Instruction. English is of course the main focus of IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA program. In the classroom, students receive intensive curriculum and instruction from dedicated and qualified teachers.
    • Diversity. EducationUSA students learn alongside bright minds from around the world: the student diversity of the EducationUSA program is outstanding! In the 2017 summer program, for example, IEC@DVC hosted students from five different continents. When in a classroom of 19 students from 13 different countries, young students quickly realize how big the world is and how exciting it can be.
  • Quality host families. Host families are carefully vetted and have undergone FBI background checks. Many have been working with IEC@DVC for over 15 years! Homestays are within a 10-mile radius of the campus; at home, all students have a single room (there is no room sharing). In addition to providing meals, host families provide transportation: they bring the students to class and pick them up each day.

Winter English Study Program for Teens in the SF Bay Area

    • Access to university campuses. IEC@DVC EducationUSA activities include tours of some of the many campuses in Northern California, including the University of California, Davis, UC Berkeley, St. Mary’s, and San Francisco State University.
  • Fun and educational activities. In addition to educational trips such as campus visits, students are provided recreational afternoon and weekend activities (an average of 4 activities per week). Highlights of the summer program include taking a trip to Yosemite, attending a professional baseball game, and visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, and the California Academy of Sciences. With these social events, students gain a tremendous amount of confidence not just in English but with interacting with students from around the globe.

Winter English Study Program for Teens in the SF Bay Area

Winter English Study Program for Teens in the SF Bay Area

Student feedback about IEC@DVC

Hear from some of our former students about the benefits of our EducationUSA program!

“It was the time of my life. Thank you for letting me do this!” –

Ilteris, Turkey

“You gave me this big and fabulous chance. Thank you for everything!” –

Zehra, Turkey

Winter English Study Program for Teens in the SF Bay Area

“My classmates are amazing, funny, and so happy! I love them and I hope I will see them again! I had a lot of activities with them.” -Keyla, Honduras

“I improved my English skills. I met people from various countries with different cultural backgrounds. Besides studying, I enjoyed fantastic activities with my classmates and staff.” -Veronika, Russia

“One of the BEST programs in the world!!! Don’t miss your opportunity and participate! I miss California so much.”

-Ara Mkhoyan, Armenia

Winter English Study Program for Teens in the SF Bay Area

IEC@DVC EducationUSA Program Details

Here are some of the more important program details. For more information, visit the IEC@DVC website.

Program requirements

Students must be between 15 and 17 years old and have a higher-intermediate or advanced level of English.

Scores from proficiency tests (such as TOEFL or IELTS or ITEP) are not required. However, students must submit a letter of recommendation from an English teacher to show their English proficiency.


The program cost is $4,500 per session, which includes all transportation, meals, and books. Personal expenses, airfare, and any costs related to a visa are not included.

How to apply

The application process is quite simple. Download the application and submit it to

Students must also complete the Homestay Application.

Visa information

Students attend IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA on a tourist visa. (This is possibly because there are no for-credit classes* in the program.)

* “For-credit classes” are classes that students take which earn credits for college or university. Students who take for-credit classes must apply for a student visa. Students for other programs, such as IEC@DVC’s EducationUSA, do not need a student visa to study.

More information and details 

  • Different airlines may request different documentation if the student is travelling alone: make sure to check with the airline.

Would you like to learn more about our EducationUSA program? Hear what our wonderful students have to say!

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