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IEC@DVC Academic Bridge Program + Phrasal Verbs with “Cross”

January 23, 2017


When you’re an English student in the San Francisco Bay Area, you probably think of one thing when you hear the word “bridge:” San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate! This beautiful structure is not only one of the world’s most famous landmarks, it is the symbol of San Francisco. However, there’s another important bridge for international students: our IEC@DVC Academic Bridge Program! Our Spring Bridge begins soon: read on to learn more!

Spring Bridge 16

IEC@DVC’s Academic Bridge is the ideal way for advanced level students to enter the American college system. With the program, students take two classes at Diablo Valley College while enjoying the student services, activities, and support from IEC@DVC. (Sorry, Golden Gate: you may take us to one of the coolest cities in the world, but you can’t take us to college like the Academic Bridge Program can!)

“I think it was a great opportunity to get into an American college and get American academic education. American education is considered one the best around the world.” – Spring Bridge 2016 graduate

IEC@DVC’s Academic Bridge Program 

With IEC@DVC’s Bridge, students receive the following:

  • Two college classes at DVC. Students enroll in English 162: Language, Literature, and Culture and Sociology 120. (Each class is 3 units.)
  • 6 college credits (which can transfer to any CSU or UC school that students later attend)
  • A customized lecture series designed for international students who are learning English
  • Study sessions to aid the student’s understanding of class lectures (these sessions are held by trained teaching aides who work directly with the course instructor)
  • Early registration for Fall and Spring semesters at beautiful Diablo Valley College
  • Campus visits to schools such as UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and San Francisco State University
  • Access to IEC@DVC’s Activities, which take place throughout the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Volunteer opportunities to meet Americans and practice English outside of class
Summer Bridge 16

Our Summer Bridge 2016 grads. Congrats!

Why do students enroll in IEC@DVC’s Bridge Program? As a Fall Bridge 2015 alumnus noted, the attractions of the program include “priority enrollment (at DVC) and an introduction to college life.” The Bridge Program is also an incredible opportunity for motivated students who are graduating IEC and want to begin their studies as early as possible. One Fall Bridge 2015 grad said, “To continue to study English after IEC, I didn’t want to waste my time between IEC graduation and DVC.” The Bridge Program is the perfect program for students in this situation!

Why choose IEC@DVC’s Spring Bridge? “To prepare myself for the formal semesters in college and university” – Spring Bridge ’16 Alumnus

The Spring IEC@DVC Bridge Program is from March 6 to April 27, 2017. Students can find more information (including program requirements) by reading the Bridge Program Flyer or visiting the Academic Bridge Program webpage. Students can also apply online.

Phrasal Verbs with “Cross” 

The Academic Bridge Program gets its name because the program acts as a bridge between attending IEC and DVC. In English, when we use a bridge, we say we “cross” a bridge. To celebrate our program and how students cross from IEC to traditional American college, we are looking at some phrasal verbs with “cross.”

Cross off 

Definition: Delete, remove from a list

Example: I CROSSED the items OFF my shopping list as I put them in my cart.

Separable or Non-Separable:

  • Separable [optional]

Cross out

Definition: Put a line through written words to show errors

Example: My teacher CROSSED OUT the misspelled words so I could go back and learn their correct spellings.

Separable or Non-Separable:

  • Separable [optional]

Which phrasal verb with CROSS would you use for this picture?

Cross over

Definition 1: To change from one style to another

Example: I CROSSED OVER from IEC to DVC with the Academic Bridge Program.

Separable or Non-Separable:

  • Non-Separable

Definition 2: To become popular with a new group of people.

Example: Taylor Swift CROSSED OVER from country music to pop.

Separable or Non-Separable:

  • Non-Separable

Definition 3: To start to affect a new group of people, animals, etc.

Example: My poor dog is sick, but the illness can’t CROSS OVER to cats so my cat is OK.

Separable or Non-Separable:

  • Non-Separable

More on Phrasal Verbs

Did you notice that both CROSS OFF and CROSS OUT do not have meanings about moving from one place to another? Phrasal verbs completely change the meaning of the verb!

Remember that phrasal verbs use the following format:


*When used in a phrasal verb, this word is called a particle. Outside of this use, it is a known as a preposition. 

Keep Learning: Use this post in the classroom!

Speaking: Answer these questions.

    • When you’re studying English, what crosses you up?
    • What’s on your “to-do” list for this week? When do you think you will cross the first item off?
  • Do you go back and correct your writing mistakes that your teacher crosses out?


  • San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. What are some of your favorite landmarks, and why?
  • What’s a landmark in your city that you love? Describe it in detail using as many adjectives as you can. Explain why you love this particular landmark.


  • Explore the differences between SEPARABLE and NON-SEPARABLE phrasal verbs.
  • Explore the differences between TRANSITIVE and INTRANSITIVE phrasal verbs.


  • There are also many idioms with bridge. Look up some on the internet and try to use them in your speech!
  • “Cross” is also an adjective. Look up its definition and find out what it means to be cross.

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