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IEC Teachers Present at CATESOL Conference

March 17, 2011

This April,  Jeff Puccini, Anrisa Fannin, Matty Varban and Ali Tubio, will be heading to CATESOL in Long Beach, California to present at the annual conference. The topic of the presentation is the Advanced B Research Topic. In the fall of 2009, IEC implemented a “Guided Research Paper” as a stepping stone between a regular essay and an independent research project. A guided research paper is one in which all students work on the same topic, and are provided with some, or all, of the college-level sources. This sheltered assignment allows the class to work together on developing library research skills, formatting(MLA), recognizing author’s credentials and credibility, and avoiding plagiarism before students conduct their own research project. By focusing on the same topic, there is more examination of the research process, which helps students build awareness, skills and confidence.

This presentation represents a total of 21 8-week sessions of experience. We hope to pass on some of that experience to our fellow teachers at CATESOL.

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