IEC Student Editorial: Real World Education

March 3, 2010

There is a new fad these days called “real world education”. What is it?
In Real World Education, people travel abroad with their kids for a year or more, letting them have a lot of new experiences without using textbooks. The kids can learn different countries’ cultures and other stuff which is not available from traditional education.

There are some disadvantages to traveling with kids. I think traveling with kids prevents some children from learning. People have to have some basic knowledge to become productive adults. This basic knowledge includes history and math.

If kids just travel, they may lack some basic information. Some people will think using modern technology is a good way of studying. However, I think using the Internet can’t replace traditional learning.

When you are in school, the teacher can know your level well and what has happened recently in your family. School is not just school. It also teaches students how to become good people and develop kids’ personalities.

Also, if kids travel around the world, they may socialize with many different friends, but they won’t make close friends. These not-close friends can’t really know your personality and emotions. If kids are too small, they will be homesick with mental problems. They are too young to process their thinking and emotions.

At first, kids will be excited about their new environment, then they will lose this excitement and start to feel anxious. They may feel upset.

To sum up, I think if parents want to travel around world, it’s not good for their little kids, but it might be OK for teenagers.

by Jack

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