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IEC Presents: “Pleasant Hell’s Kitchen” Cooking Competition

June 18, 2013

On Thursday, June 13, IEC held the first ever cooking competition among staff and students. The competition was comprised of 6 different teams, with 3-4 team members. Teams were instructed to make 1 dish to be sampled and judged by the audience. 

All teams were given a choice of provided ingredients including, rice, pasta, tomato paste, onion, mushroom, canned chicken, carrot, canned tuna, cucumber, bell pepper and broccoli. Participants were allowed to bring their own spices and sauces to the competition, however, they did not know which ingredients would be provided to them prior to their 40-minute cooking time.

Audience members judged each dish on taste, appearance and the creative name of the dish. The winning dish, titled “Sexy Victoria Sticky Rice,” was created by May Nguyen, Shion Kume and Jinjoo Jung and was a tuna-based fried rice dish.

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