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Idioms with SKATE + Skating in Union Square

November 27, 2016

San Franciscans know that the holiday season means something extra special: the arrival of ice skating in Union Square! Have you checked out one of the most beloved holiday traditions in SF? The ice skating rink in Union Square is open from 10 am to 11:30 pm every day until January 16, 2017. Tickets are $12 for adults and skate rental is $6, and a portion of the ticket sales fund the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department.


In addition to being open every day, the rink will host special events throughout the season. Check out some of the many events!

  • On the first weekend of the month, professional skate instructors will give lessons to the first 50 people who sign up online: go to to make a reservation!
  • The second Friday of the month is Flashback Friday with 80s music being played by DJs from local radio station 103.7. Come dressed like you’re from the 80s and you might win a prize!
  • Every Saturday from 6-9:30 pm is Simba Saturdays, where the rink is lit in gold and music from The Lion King musical is played.
  • If you’re looking for a really crazy way to begin 2017, plan on attending the Polar Bear Skate: in this tradition borrowed from Canada, skaters wear their bathing suits! Brrrrr!!!!!!


For more information, check out the following online links and social media:

You can also ask our Activities Coordinator for more info: IEC@DVC is here to help!


Idioms with SKATE

Before you lace up your skates, check out these idioms with the word SKATE. How many can you use in your speech on a daily basis?

Cheap skate

Definition: A person who is not generous with his or her money. 

Example: He only tips 5% when he goes to a restaurant. He’s such a cheap skate!

To be skating on thin ice

Definition: To be in a dangerous or risky situation.

Example: He’s skating on thin ice at work. He’s been late three times this week!

Also used: To be on thin ice

Skate over/around something

Definition: To avoid paying attention to something. 

Example: The politician wouldn’t directly answer the question. Instead, he skated around the issue and talked about his experience in public office. 

Example: Always read an agreement or contract carefully. Never skate over the details of it.

Note: this is technically a phrasal verb, not an expression.

Skating (slang)

Definition: Easy; requiring little effort. 

Example: He’s taking Spanish this semester, but he lived in Costa Rica for a year so he speaks the language well. He’s just skating in this class!

Photos from Union Square Ice Rink on Facebook. 

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