How to Learn English through Exercise

April 8, 2019

Learning English and exercising are similar. Both require practice! Do you know how to learn English through exercise? Follow these tips to help keep your mind healthy and sharp.

How to Learn English through Exercise

Watch classes online (or through an app)

Find a type of exercise that you like, and then find a video on YouTube that helps you do this exercise. Type in phrases such as “in-home workouts” or “quick workouts,” or more specific phrases like “pilates class” or “beginner yoga,” and then find a channel that works for you. If you watch the same video over and over, you will learn the phrases and expressions quickly.

Take a class

Be social: take a class! If you join a gym, try one of their spin, yoga, or aerobics classes. You could also join a specific studio, like a pilates or yoga studio, a Crossfit gym, or another gym or studio with a new and trendy type of workout. Each of these gyms will involve a sign-up process, which is a great way to learn English; you’ll also learn different vocabulary depending on which type of exercise you are doing.

Tip: Try something like ClassPass to get access to a lot of local studios for a discounted price. This will allow you to sample different gyms and studios and then choose the one that’s right for you.

Join a team

If you love a sport (or want to learn to play a new sport) consider joining a local team. There are local adult sports programs for everything: basketball, baseball and softball, soccer, flag football . . . and there are even teams for sports that are associated with individuals, like tennis and running teams. A team is a great way to make friends, be social, exercise, and of course learn English!

Find a workout buddy

Find a friend who will keep you motivated to work out. You can make a schedule and encourage one another to work out . . . even on those days when you don’t feel like it. (We all have those days!) You and your workout buddy will constantly be communicating through text messages and in person. It’s a great way to improve your writing and speaking skills.

For each of these activities, practice small talk before and after your class or workout. Read our Guide to Small Talk in English for some ideas of ways to start (and continue) a conversation.

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