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English Idioms with “Green”

March 8, 2019

English Idioms with "Green"

March is the month of spring and Saint Patrick’s Day, so it’s a perfect month to associate with the color green. To celebrate, we are looking at some English idioms with the word “green.”

Green is often associated with money and the environment. What about in your language? Discuss this with your classmates and teacher!

English Idioms with “Green”


Definition: Money.

Example: I needed to earn some green, so I got a summer job.

English Idioms with "Green"

The grass is always greener on the other side

Definition: Even though a different situation might look better than the one you are in, it probably isn’t better.

Example: I wanted to work in tech and I got a great job. But now my roommate has a job in marketing and it seems really cool. It makes me want to switch careers! I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

English Idioms with "Green"

To be green around the gills

Definition: To be sick.

Example: Are you OK? You look a little green around the gills.

Note: “Gills” are what fish use to breathe. 

English Idioms with "Green"

To be green with envy

Definition: To be jealous.

Example: When Sara got the job promotion, her colleague was green with envy.

English Idioms with "Green"

To have a green thumb

Definition: To have a talent for growing plants.

Example: I wish I had a green thumb like my grandmother.

Example: Look at your garden! I didn’t know you had a green thumb!

English Idioms with "Green"

To give someone/something the green light

Definition: To give approval.

Example: They gave the project the green light. We begin on Monday.

English Idioms with "Green"

To go green

Definition: To use non-toxic (often organic) products that are better for the environment; to not use chemicals.

Example: The company knew it would be more expensive at first, but they decided to go green. They are doing very well and sales are improving.

English Idioms with "Green"

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