EducationUSA Student Jhonas’ Experience at UC Berkeley

September 3, 2019

Improving English language skills with excellent, committed teachers; interacting with local community in the Bay Area, finding valuable information about higher education system in the U.S, and making unforgettable friends from all over the world are just some experiences I had during the program.

Since the very first moment inside the class I could feel such a great group of teachers. I have learned a lot of useful things related to English language skills from them, and they also encouraged all the time. Sometimes they introduced dynamic and funny activities in order to learn more. The Bay Area amazed me all the time because of the activities we did. Furthermore; thanks to the workshops they offered me, now I understand better the higher education system, which is very helpful for anyone who wants to do college there. In addition, not only did I meet people from all over the world, l also made amazing friends. The first day of class; we were completely strangers. But; by the end of that class, we had left talking with each other as if we were old friends. Even though my schedule was so busy, for me it was never too late to go home because my classmates and I always wanted to do more of something. I really enjoyed the program and I think if I hadn’t attended the Academy at IEC@DVC, I would not have had such a wonderful time.

This phrase perfectly describes what I experienced in EducationUSA Academy at IEC@DVC.

“As if a whole year full of excitement has been shrunk in one single month”.

Jhonas Belotto

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