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Congratulations To Jerome For Getting Into UC Berkeley!

May 26, 2016


Jerome Kim, 26 years old, is from Seoul, South Korea and came to the International Education Center after spending 4 ½ years in the Korean Army as a sergeant. He dreamt of coming to the US since middle school and finally made it in 2014 after completing his military service. Jerome was an IEC student for 3 sessions from January – June 2014. After graduating from Advanced B, IEC’s most advanced English class, Jerome did the Summer Bridge program at DVC and spent the last 2 years completing general education courses and fulfilling his major requirements, all at DVC. He chose Statistics as his major and applied to UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, and UCSD this last year.

As of May 2016, Jerome was officially accepted to UC Berkeley! Berkeley was the only university that he was interested in and worked extremely hard to get in. He graduated from DVC with a 4.0 GPA and participated in many activities. He founded the Statistics and Business Club at DVC, worked at IEC as a student worker and he joined the student government at DVC as a board member. Jerome is well-deserving of his UC Berkeley acceptance. We are really proud of him and wish him the best on his journey. Congratulations!

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