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Clubs You Could Join as a DVC Student + the Modal “Could”

April 6, 2017

Do you plan to attend Diablo Valley College after IEC? A great way to make friends and get involved is to join a student club. When you are in a club, you can participate in fun activities and become more involved in your campus.

Clubs You Could Join as a DVC Student

DVC has many student clubs. All of them are organized by the students. What kinds of clubs can you join? The list is long! Here are some categories and examples of clubs at Diablo Valley College.

Clubs related to your major

Would you like to meet other people who are studying your major? The Chemistry Club, Finance Club, History Club, and Physics Club are just a few of the many organizations you can join. In these clubs, students network and learn about internship opportunities and meet “study buddies” who give support for their classes. 

Clubs related to language and culture

The Chinese Student Association, Hong Kong Cultural Club, International Student Club, Latino Student Alliance, Muslim Student Association (and more!) are excellent opportunities to meet people from different cultures (or connect with students from your culture). These clubs celebrate the cultures through events, activities, concerts, and of course, food! 

Clubs related to an activity

Do you like sports or a specific game? There is probably a club for you! Examples include the Chess Club, the Dramatic Society, the Film Club, and the Technology Entrepreneur Club. These clubs meet so that students can play games together and share their hobbies. 

Clubs related to volunteering

If you’d like make a difference in your community, consider joining one of the DVC volunteer clubs. Habitat for Humanity, UNICEF, and the Red Cross all have clubs at Diablo Valley College. With volunteer clubs, students participate in activities that support the community (such as cooking for the homeless, cleaning parks, and organizing fundraisers). 

The Inter-Club Council at DVC hosts a Club Day each semester. Students can meet members of the clubs and learn more. Check the ICC Facebook page for information!

More information

To see all of the Diablo Valley College clubs, read the current club list. If you don’t see a club that interests you, remember: you can always start your own club! All DVC clubs are organized by students.

To join the clubs, go to ICC’s “Club Day.” On this day, you can meet representatives from each club and learn more about the club’s activities and purpose.

The Modal “Could”

IEC@DVC students learn how English uses the word COULD in several ways. Do you know how to use this word? Here are some of the ways we use COULD in English.

To express something that is possible (or impossible) in the future

In this article, we use the word COULD in this way: we provided a list of clubs a student COULD join when at DVC!

Example 1: I don’t know where the bus is. It could be late. (It’s possible that the bus is late.)

Example 2: If the bus doesn’t come, we could take the train. (The train is another option/possibility.)

Example 3: If you decide to major in Business, you could join the Finance Club at DVC! (The Finance Club is a possibility for Business majors.)

Go to Club Day (at the beginning of each semester) to learn about which clubs you COULD join!

As the past tense of can and can’t

Example 4: I couldn’t speak English well when I began at IEC. Now I can speak English with confidence!

Example 5: My grandma could sing very beautifully.


To make a polite offer or request

Example 6: Could I please borrow your pen?

Example 7: I could help you with your homework if you’d like.





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