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Bowling-related Vocabulary in English+ Bowling Alleys in the Bay Area

July 21, 2017

Have you been bowling in the U.S.? This fun sport is a common tradition that many people love. It’s great to do during hot summer days when you want to escape the sun, and it’s also great during the winter when it’s raining! The truth is, we love bowling all year. Learn this bowling-related vocabulary in English before going bowling.

Bowling-related Vocabulary in English

Bowling-related Vocabulary in English


Definition: The place where people go to bowl;

Example: Which bowling alley do you recommend?


Definition: The side of the alley where balls can fall.

Example: Every time I throw the ball, it goes in the gutter! I’m not very good at bowling.


Definition: The narrow track where balls are rolled to hit the pins.

Example: How many lanes does this bowling alley have?


Definition: The white objects players try to hit with the ball.

Example: How many pins did you hit?

Bowling-related Vocabulary in English


Definition: The name for when a player hits all ten pins down after two attempts.

Example: Sam got two spares!


Definition: The name for the situation when a player hits all of the pins in the middle but is left with pins on both sides.

Example: I got a split on my first attempt; now I don’t know where to aim the ball for my second try!


Definition: The name for when a player hits all ten pins down on the first attempt.

Example: You got a strike! Congrats!


Definition: The name for when a player gets three strikes in a row.

Example: The bowler next to us just got a turkey! Wow, he’s really good at bowling.

Bowling-related Vocabulary in English

Bowling Alleys in the Bay Area

IEC@DVC often organizes bowling excursions. Check out our Activities Calendar for the next scheduled trip, and be sure to join us!

Bowling-related Vocabulary in English

IEC@DVC students enjoy their bowling excursion.

Bowling-related Vocabulary in English


Diablo Valley Bowl

Diablo Valley Bowl has 32 lanes for players to enjoy and offers great specials (check out their $2 Tuesday, where you pay $2 for shoe rentals and for a lane)! The alley also offers hours with Unlimited Bowling, discounts for women, and Family Packs that include food and shoe/lane rentals.

Clayton Valley Bowl

Come to the charming town of Clayton and experience its bowling alley! Clayton Valley Bowl offers Unlimited Bowling on Friday for $10 and Sunday Funday with $1 games, hot dogs, shoe rentals, and sodas and beer (after you pay a $5 fee).

Paddock Bowl

Paddock Bowl in Martinez, California offers a special every day of the week. Check them out! On the weekends the bowling alley offers Cosmic Bowling with lights and music. So cool!

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