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Your Best Breakfast

February 25, 2013

IEC doesn’t know too many students who love waking up early. Unfortunately, in our rush to get dressed and get to school, we often skip the most important meal of the entire day.

Eating breakfast regularly can help boost your metabolism, which keeps your body burning more calories throughout the day. It can also help you make better nutrition choices all day long. Breakfast gives your body and your brain the all important WAKE UP! call it needs after fasting all night during sleep.

Since time is often not on our side in the morning, we have a short list of some of the most healthy, filling and quickly prepared breakfasts you can make at home.

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Eggs: Eggs are full of protein, which will help keep you full for a longer period of time. That means you can make it to your lunch break without eating from the vending machine. Eggs are easily cooked in a frying pan over medium heat. After cracking the egg into your pan, you can leave them whole and simply cook both sides of the egg for about 3 minutes at a time. You can also mix up the egg and create a scramble. Adding low fat cheese will provide you with some nice flavor and added calcium.

Porridge with berries (1)

Oatmeal: Full of dietary fiber, oatmeal is also a great option to help keep you full. You can buy a large container of instant oats at the grocery store for a very low cost. Most plain oats deserve a small helping of honey or chopped fruit to add a bit of flavor. Many people enjoy the ease and flavor of the instant oatmeal in prepackaged varieties. These are a very quick breakfast option, cooking in less than 3 minutes … just be sure to opt for a low sugar variety.


Homemade Smoothies: Smoothies are a wonderful option for quick breakfasts as you can easily take them with you on your way out of the house. Blenders are relatively cheap and easily purchased at stores such as Target (right next to IEC). Smoothies are of your own design, but most recipes call for yogurt and any number of assorted fruits and even vegetables. Many smoothie recipes advise adding surprising items such as spinach to help you load up on vitamins without sacrificing any flavor of the sweet fruit. It is a good idea to use Greek yogurt as it has more protein and to buy frozen fruit varieties so you do not risk the chance of it rotting before you have a chance to use it. Simply put all of your desired ingredients together, blend and drink up! Most smoothies will take you under 5 minutes to make.

For healthy smoothie recipe ideas, visit the Whole Living website.


Yogurt: Greek yogurt is full of protein and is a very portable breakfast option. There could not be a quicker way to get a fulfilling breakfast in. Yogurt is often sold in pre-portioned, disposable (or recyclable) cups. Simply grab your favorite flavor and a spoon and head on out to school. Be advised that plain yogurt is often very tart in flavor, so many people enjoy adding honey or agave nectar, dried or fresh fruits, and/or granola or even oatmeal. Try all the different yogurt options at the grocery store as there are many kinds of flavors and combinations.

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