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Welcome back to IEC, Kee-Ppeum Cho (Kiki)!

January 4, 2016



From January 2011-May2011, Kiki, from Seoul, South Korea, was a student at IEC. She began her studies at the Intermediate C level and after 3 great sessions, she graduated from Advanced B and transferred to DVC in the summer of 2011.

One of the many wonderful things about starting one’s college career at community college level is the ability to try out different classes before choosing a major. Kiki thought she was going to major in Economics or Business but after exploring these courses and taking a Math class, she decided to major in Statistics. After 2 years at DVC, Kiki applied to every UC in the state and was accepted to all of them except UC Berkeley. While UC Berkeley was her number one choice, we was equally happy to go to UCLA which is where she now studies as a senior in college. Once she graduates with a BA in Statistics, Kiki hopes to go to graduate school in New York!

Kiki came back to IEC to tell us how much she loved it here. She felt her time was really valuable – she never would have learned how to write a research paper or do a presentation at the high standards excepted at a US college unless she came to IEC. Once you are a student in college, the teachers don’t have time to teach you these things – they just focus on the subject. Additionally, the friends Kiki made at IEC are still her best friends.

Thank you Kiki for returning to IEC and congratulations on your successful journey! We are proud to have been part of it.

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