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Valentine’s Day Survey

February 23, 2010

This is a poll about Valentine’s Day.

To this poll, I surveyed 30 IEC students on Monday, February 8th.

This poll is composed of five different questions.

Q1. On Valentine’s Day, what kind of present do you want to give, for example flowers, chocolate, candy, teddy bear, card with love etc?

chocolates        12

flowers                8

card                      6

teddy bear           3

candy                    1

Q2. What kinds of music do you think is a good match for Valentine’s Day?

romantic love music            20

jazz                5

hip-hop         2

country music             2

animation music (Disney)      1

Q3. Does your country have a valentine’s day ?

Yes            30

No              0

Q4. Are there instructors or other workers at IEC that you want to give a present to for

Valentine’s Day ?

Yes      10

No       20

Q5. Have you ever received a message or card from someone on

Valentine’s Day confessing their love for you?

Yes            14

No            16

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