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Teacher Profile: Jeff Puccini

February 17, 2010

Jeff Puccini is the newest teacher in IEC. I interviewed him. He told me about his story and thinking. I really enjoyed talking to him, and there are many things to be learned from his talk. I want to share these with you.

Teaching English

Jeff has been teaching English for five years. Before he came to IEC, he used to teach in Venezuela, South Korea, and San Francisco. He likes travel. He is interested in a lot of countries language and culture. I was amazed that he can speak Spanish, French, and Italian. He can also read Korean a little bit. Jeff says English has beautiful writing. English is freedom. English has many words, more than any other language. There are lots of ways to express yourself in English. I am interested in that. Actually I donft know much about other language, for example Spanish, French, Germany, or Italian. However I gained a deeper interest from this talk. I think I want to read more books written in English.

International Students

IEC has students who come from many different countries. They enjoy talking, and becoming a good friend. Jeff says that talking with other countriesf people leads to less conflict. We have luck. In the past, we have had some wars between countries. However we are talking together today. We can talk with other countriesf people in English! I think I want to value my luck (chance to talk with friends from other country) in U.S.

In His Free Time

Jeff likes to bicycle, golf, and eat his wife’s cooking. He goes to many places by mountain bike.
Playing golf is one important thing for him because he has been playing golf since he was seven years old. He plays once a week in Oakland now. He is a vegetarian. He was eating vegetable soup when we were talking. His wife used to be a cook of vegetarian restaurant, so he likes her cooking.

For IEC Students

Jeff told me two important points for us. One is reading interesting, beautiful, and amazing writing every day. Reading in class is sometimes not fun for students. You should read a story that is interesting, beautiful, and amazing for YOU. Another one is finding an American boyfriend or girlfriend! Some students are always in their country’s group. That isnft good. Of course, I know IEC doesnft have any American students. However we should join other countryfs people. We can go outside and join Americans at what they are doing.

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