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Fall 2012 Abe/Nomura Scholarship Winner

December 3, 2012

Yuki Kuroshima was named the Fall 2012 Abe/Nomura Scholarship winner.

Yuki Kuroshima – Fall 2012 Scholarship Winner; Pictured here with IEC Teacher, Beth Wadell

A new scholarship winner is announced twice a year during Spring and Fall. The Abe/Nomura Scholarship was founded in memory of two IEC students that passed away while attending our school. They were energetic, very involved students that we felt truly embraced IEC’s mission statement of preparing students “both linguistically and culturally for academic studies and success at the college and/or university level.”

Each session, IEC teachers are asked to nominate those students that they feel are well rounded representations of the International Education Center. Nominees are often outgoing, ambitious, motivated students that socialize with other students well and make an effort to learn about cultures other than their own.

Nominees are announced at graduation at the end of each of our general session. Nominees range from our newest students to graduating Advanced B students. All nominees must submit an original essay for IEC Staff and Teachers to review. As the winner of the essay contest, Yuki will receive a $500 scholarship prize.

Yuki’s essay focused on the culture shock he experienced when he first arrived at IEC as well as the continuing difficulties he faces as he lives in a foreign country. He described the efforts he has made to embrace this experience and make the most of this time in his life. Yuki enjoys discovering aspects of other cultures and meeting friends from all over the world as well as working very hard to prepare himself for higher education in the United States.

IEC would like to once again congratulate Yuki Kuroshima for his hard work within and outside of school.

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